WATCH: UFC's Derrick Lewis lends a helping hand to victims of Hurricane Harvey

The floods in Houston are all that's on anyone's mind on Monday, as people and rescue teams are trying to help people in need. Thanks to UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis, a few more are. Lewis tweeted a video of some people he was assisting get kids out of a house and into his truck while the flood and rain raged on. He later tweeted out that kids are safe after he escorted them.

Lewis' caption, "It feels good to help people," is an important thing to remember while these floods rage on. His video showed people struggling with coolers and, indeed, a jet-ski, as some people tried to cross the flooded street. It's a scary sight, but luckily this particular expedition had a happy ending, as Lewis, a Houston native, shared.

Lewis among many people trying to help out in relief efforts. According to his reaction to this ordeal, it's unlikely he'll shy away from continuing to try to help those that are stranded or struggling.

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