WATCH: WSOP poker player draws pocket aces, loses $1 million

This is hard to watch.

Connor Drinan received perhaps the worst of all beats after drawing pocket aces at ESPN's World Series of Poker. The trouble began when Cary Katz, too, was dealt pocket aces. Oh well, I guess they'll draw.

But that's not how it went down -- at all -- and you can literally watch Drinen experience pure hell in real time!

The only way either Drinan or Katz could win would be a suit flush, which Katz got when four hearts where dealt.

The buy-in for the tournament was $1 million. Drinan left with $0 after drawing the most difficult to beat hand in poker. The only hand that can equal it in terms of win probability before the flop is, of course, pocket aces.

According to the Wizard of Odds, the odds of consecutive pocket aces being dealt is 48,841-to-1.

(via Extra Mustard)

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