Due to the coronavirus pandemic, nearly all businesses are shut down. Sports have stopped, concerts are canceled or postponed, non-essentially businesses have closed their doors until it is safe and even parks have caution tape and no trespassing signs. 

Some places are able stay open, as they have the essentially business stamp, but people entering these locations are urged -- in some places mandated -- to wear a mask or face covering. 

With the weather getting nicer, many people are going for walks, and to help stop the spreading, masks are being worn as people get their exercise for the day. Many have been fashioning masks out of everything from bandanas and T-shirts, to socks. But if you're not particularly crafty, you're probably headed online to purchase one.

With tons of mask designs to choose from, you are able to make a fashion statement with your mask covering.

CBS Sports is now making it possible to represent your favorite team while also following health guidelines. In partnership with Fanatics, CBSSports.com is selling face coverings from teams in the NHL and MLS.

Whatever team you like, you'll be able to show off that fandom while keeping yourself and others safer.

The face coverings come in packs of three or packs of one and can be ordered in an adult size or small size, to fit children who want to show off their favorite team.

Here is a look at some of the items available:


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