World anti-doping authority reportedly investigating Jamaica

Jamaica's drug-testing agency is reportedly being investigated by the world's anti-doping authority after the former was accused of a significant gap in testing prior to the 2012 Olympics in London.

According to the Associated Press and local reports, there was a breakdown in testing in the months before the summer games commenced. The Jamaicans medaled 12 times in the games, including three golds for sprinter Usain Bolt. 

The gap in testing was first unearthed by Renee Anne Shirley -- formerly executive director for JADCO, writing for Sports Illustrated -- but a spokesman for Jamaica's drug-testing agency quickly denied the charges to the AP. However, the anti-doping agency is not yet convinced and has launched an "extraordinary" investigation.

"There was a period of -- and forgive me if I don't have the number of months right -- but maybe five to six months during the beginning part of 2012 where there was no effective operation," WADA Director General David Howman said, according to the AP. "No testing. There might have been one or two, but there was no testing. So we were worried about it, obviously."

Still, it's impossible to determine if the gap in testing equates to any cheating. Plus, track and field's governing body told the AP that it tested the elite Jamaican sprinters, such as Bolt, extensively leading up to the games.

But the investigation will move forward, especially in light of the fact that five Jamaicans tested positive for doping before this year's world championships. Beyond that, the anti-doping agency didn't much appreciate Jamaica's delaying the investigators' visit.

"It doesn't over-impress us," Howman told the Associated Press. "If there's going to be that sort of delay, you need to have a better reason."

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