World Cup stadium could become prisoner processing center

One World Cup stadium in Brazil could go from hosting the world's best soccer players one year to prisoners the next.

Brazil is building 12 new stadiums to host the World Cup next year, and there has been a great deal of discussion regarding just what, exactly, those stadiums will be used for after the tournament.

A judge in the state of Amazonas, however, has a plan.

"He would, perhaps, suggest to the government of the state of Amazonas that the stadium be used as a processing center for prisoners after the World Cup," a spokesman for Judge Sabino Marques said, according to the Associated Press.

Organizers have received plenty of backlash from the public regarding future use of the stadiums, including protests at the Confederations Cup earlier this year. And beyond Marques' sugesstion, little has been posited.

According to the AP, officials have told cities they'll need to be creative when determining what to the with the stadiums.

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