You never know who the voice of Grinnell College hoops is these days

That was the tweet I received Tuesday at 1:24 p.m. Within the hour I'd spoken to both David Arseneaults -- father and son -- to ask how this mix-up could happen when conducting an interview about Jack Taylor's second 100-plus-point game in as many seasons.

How I could leave two different messages Monday with the Grinnell athletics director and sports information director asking to speak with the head basketball coach -- and end up speaking to the wrong Dave Arseneault ... and not know it?

From David Arseneault the elder, the head coach, when asked which Dave Arseneault I spoke with on Monday: "You quoted him. ... The reality is I probably would have said the same thing my son said, so I don't mind the misquotes. He does [handle most of the interviews]. I've taken a step back from all this. Every time we do one of these shenanigans, I let him handle the media."

(Does your son literally speak for you, like as power of attorney over your vocal cords?)

"We're not that far off. We tend to think alike. I understand your concern as a journalist but from our end, truthfully, I really don't care. I trust what my son's going to say. I trust him to speak for me. I think we're OK."

From David N. Arseneault the younger, the associate coach: "I was given your number by the SID."

(Why would he give it to you? I asked for your father. Why would you call me and say, 'This is David Arseneault' without saying which one?)

"I just thought you wanted to talk to me, since I do most of the interviews with the media."

(Wait, all the stories I've ever seen about Grinnell quote your father. Have you ever read a story where the quotes are attributed to your father, but you were the one who said it?)

"It happens from time to time."

(And the last word comes from the elder Dave Arseneault, the head coach, the one I asked for but didn't speak with on Monday:)

"We don't mislead anybody. We've never tried to mislead anybody."

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