2018 Players Championship: This is why Phil Mickelson is wearing a long-sleeve dress shirt

Phil Mickelson has never been one to go with the grain. When Lefty showed up at Augusta in a long-sleeve dress shirt and played a practice round with Tiger Woods, we all thought it was humorous and "so Phil." Now, he's wearing the shirt to play the 2018 Players Championship. I should also mention that it is nearly 90 degrees at The Players Championship on Thursday.

"It's a stretchy fabric, it performs well," Mickelson said at Augusta. "I think it looks good."

I think it looks hot as hell. The dress shirt is made by a company called Mizzen+Main, which has signed Mickelson to an endorsement deal to wear its apparel on the course and has given him equity in the company. 

"Phil is one of the most well-known golfers of all time and loved by virtually every fan in golf," Mizzen+Main founder Kevin Lavelle told ESPN. "Having someone at this level demonstrate so clearly the performance capabilities of our dress shirts while competing is absolutely phenomenal."

Mickelson, somewhat hilariously said he wanted something that he could take to the course from the board room. I don't know how much time Lefty spends in board rooms, but credit to him for grabbing a stake in the company.

Of course, this might also go badly. Mickelson might look like Kevin Garnett after a triple overtime game by the end of the day considering how hot it is in Florida right now. And you know he's catching all kinds of grief from playing partners Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler.

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