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The uniforms for the 43rd Ryder Cup have been (mostly) unveiled, and the United States is already 1 up on the European team. Both squads have begun to disclose their scripting for the matches at Whistling Straits, and both have taken on the characteristics of their respective teams and countries.

The American threads are brash, bold and strong. You get what you get, and there's not much subtlety to be found. They're also extremely sharp with a red, white and blue shirt-sweater combination that will be worn on the weekend as the centerpiece (you can buy Ryder Cup gear here). Here's a look at a few of the fits the U.S. team will be wearing.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

On the other hand, the European uniforms are somehow more nuanced but also less inspiring and more bland. They look like a template you might use for a youth sports league where you're trying to sell the same uniforms but in different colors. Paul Casey called the 2018 Euro team the best-dressed in Ryder Cup history (debatable), and they are trying to out-do that this time around. 

The U.S. uniforms are produced by Ralph Lauren, while the Euros employ Loro Piana to make theirs (buy them now). Here's a look.

Loro Piana
Loro Piana
Loro Piana

As is true in every Ryder Cup, the scripting means next to nothing, but also as is true in every Ryder Cup, it's fun to talk about. The U.S. has a (big) lead in this department, which unfortunately does not translate to any points (or half points) on the course at Whistling Straits as Ryder Cup week officially gets underway on Monday.

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