91 Japanese PGA representatives resign after being linked to mob

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This story is as crazy as it sounds.

Two representatives of the Professional Golfers Association of Japan allegedly played golf with some members of the Japanese mob this summer and as a result they were fired, and 91 other representatives (chairmen, vice presidents, etc.) will resign from their positions with the PGA of Japan.

The report sounds like something out of a movie.

"Between March and June this year, a then-PGA vice chairman Shinsaku Maeda, 61, and then-board director Tadayoshi Bando, 67, were found to have played golf and dined with the head of a yakuza organised crime group in the southern island of Kyushu."

This is obviously a no-no. I don't need Ted Bishop (head of the PGA of America) dining or playing golf with American mobsters and neither do the good folks of Japan in their country.

The surprising thing is that the 91 other leaders also stepped down.

The report gives some insight into why they decided to.

"[The other members] will voluntarily step down to help restore public trust in the body."

Fascinating, and commendable, I might add.

The current vice chairman, Nobuyuki Abe said it best.

"We take the matter very seriously. We want to do our utmost to prevent a recurrence of such a case."

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