Adam Scott gets lawyer for anchored putter ban

Adam Scott joins a long list of golfers getting legal counsel for the anchored putter ban. (USATSI)
Adam Scott joins a long list of golfers getting legal counsel for the anchored putter ban. (USATSI)

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Adam Scott has lawyered up.

According to a report by Golf Channel, Scott will be represented in the ongoing anchored putter saga by Harry Manion, who also represents Tim Clark and Carl Pettersson. Here's what Manion said on Friday about Scott:

"I talked to him today, and he felt like it was the right time [to announce his participation in the group]."

"The group" is a collection of nine golfers who are opposed to the ban.

According to GolfDigest, Manion has said he doesn't have plans to "initiate legal action" at least until the PGA Tour comes to a decision on the ruling. 

However, Manion had this to say about the USGA's 40-page document supporting the new anchored putter ban:

"I'm not persuaded by it. There's some good lawyering in there, but I don't think they've made the case, and I believe the court would see it that way, too."

USGA president Glen Nager responded, "our mission is not to avoid legal challenges. Our mission is to determine the appropriate Rules for the game that make the game strong for the long term."

Sounds like an impasse to me. But the wild card here is what the PGA Tour will do (even Manion will wait for their decision).

The PGA Tour said in a statement on Wednesday that they "will now begin their process to ascertain whether the various provisions of Rule 14-1b will be implemented in their competitions and, if so, examine the process for implementation."

There's a lot of conjecture but it seems to me like this is something the Tour will definitely implement. There would be too much backlash from the USGA and R&A otherwise, not to mention too much confusion from fans over golfers potentially being allowed to use anchored putters for some events and not for others.

I'm interested to see the public reaction to Scott nabbing a lawyer for the potential ban from the PGA Tour. Scott isn't someone who has ever really received blowback from fans outside of maybe a little "he can't win the big one" chatter.

This is different, though. Fair or not, fans see millionaire golfers complaining about where they put their putters as entitled and maybe a little bit whiny.

I'm also interested to see which organization, exactly, these golfers will be taking legal action against. The USGA only? The USGA and R&A? The PGA Tour? Everyone?

I understand where the golfers are coming from. Clark argued at length earlier this year that the USGA and R&A were trying to take away part of his livelihood, destroy his craft.

I get where he's coming from. I'm just afraid others might not.

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