If you’re in Augusta and don’t have badges for the Masters, at least you have options. You can post up at John Daly’s Hooters party bus or, if you’re really feeling it, you can attend Snoop Dogg’s Augusta Jam Masters party. The party is Wednesday evening, April 5 at The Country Club Dance Hall and Saloon.

According to the Augusta Jam website, the party is going to be a celebration of golf and music, but it’s also there to help give back.

Augusta Jam is a celebratory musical event held in the city of Augusta Georgia during the popular Masters Golf Tournament and supports local Augusta community and their charitable initiatives. Augusta Jam merges the musical world of country and hip-hop music, proudly driven to unite cultures and celebrate diversity through golf and music.

This is not something I ever envisioned happening during Masters week, but kudos to Snoop for keeping that gin and juice train rolling on through Augusta. 

"This Is How We Tanqueray"🍸 Join Us... #TheMasters #AJ2017 @Tanquerayusa @SnoopDogg @PGDGlobal

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