Analyzing a golf shot: Tiger Woods' flop shot on No. 16 at the Memorial

The Club: Nike 60 Degree VR Pro LW, True Temper S400 shaft, Golf Pride BCT round grip

The Shot: Second shot on the 16th hole at Muirfield Village, over the back of the green

How He Did It: Tiger Woods mentioned a few times on Sunday after winning the Memorial that his third shot on the 16th hole was one of the toughest shots he ever pulled off in his career.

"As I said, it wouldn't have been so bad if the lie was better.  But as I said, the lie was sketchy enough where it brought water into play," Tiger said after his win.

But what made it so hard? First, Tiger's ball was sitting down in some nasty rough with the green running away from him and water long if Tiger caught a little too much ball. We saw Rory McIlroy hit a green side shot into a pond earlier in the week at the Memorial, so chipping it into the drink wasn't completely out of the question.

The only way to get this shot in the air and on the green as soft as Tiger was able to do it was to take a full swing with the club face as open as possible. This takes a ton of skill and a ton of trust in your abilities, similar to that chip shot we saw Phil Mickelson hit on the 15th hole at the Masters earlier this year. 

As you see in the video, Tiger opened the face, took a good, hard swing at the ball, allowing the speed of the club to produce spin that normally wouldn't come out of the rough. The ball popped out perfectly, landed on the green as soft as possible, and just took the break down the hill until it disappeared for a fist-pumping birdie. 

Tiger has pulled off some incredible chips over the course of his career, but if you're talking about shots that had a high chance of something going wrong, this has to be near the top. 

Where It Ended Up: In the hole, for a birdie that would propel him to his 73rd PGA Tour victory, tying Jack Nicklaus for second most all-time. 
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