Golfers always have some downtime in the fall, which means they usually go all out for Halloween with either their significant others or their families. This year was no different as we got a whole host of great costumes from some of the best golfers in the world.

We will work through each of these, reveal who they are and who they went as for Halloween 2016.

First up is Jonathan Byrd's son Jackson, who went as none other than Arnold Palmer. Great look, Jackson!

The Day family went as characters from the immortal Street Fighter game. The No. 1 player on the planet Jason Day was Ryu.

Sergio Garcia didn't really dress up, but he did wear orange to celebrate the occasion.

Ian Poulter's kids went a a skeleton, a Ghostbusters character and a cowboy riding a bull (my personal favorite).

This is not a golfer, but it is someone who went as (and looks like) Andrew "Beef" Johnston.

Jimmy Walker and his wife Erin went as pirates.

Tony Finau, who is Tongan and American Samoan, and his family went in some traditional Indian garb.

Peter Uihlein, his girlfriend and their dogs went as characters from Star Wars. The dogs look thrilled.

The force is strong in our family

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