As he resumes play, Tiger Woods prop bets include retirement before 2018

Tiger Woods is (finally) returning to professional golf this week, and you can bet on how that's going to go. The golf wagering site Bookmaker recently released odds on everything from Woods' retirement to whether he will finish in the top 10 at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

The reigning word of the week for me is certainly curiosity. I am intensely curious to see how Woods looks, whether he has any game at all compared to golfers like Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth (both in the field this week) and if he can meet his own expectations of "having all the shots."

Here are your prop bets.

Will Tiger Woods announce retirement from professional golf before January 1, 2018?

  • Yes: +385
  • No: -485

I actually think "yes" is the play here given the numbers. Woods has had three back surgeries over the past two and a half years. Three! Part of me feels like his career is going to last 10 more years or 10 more months with nothing in between.

How many PGA Tour/European Tour events will Tiger Woods compete in during 2017 calendar year?

  • Over 6.5: +105
  • Under 6.5: -135

This is a pretty sobering line. Under 6.5 is the favorite? Man.

Will Tiger Woods win a PGA Tour/European Tour event prior to January 1, 2018?

  • Yes: +900
  • No: -1900

Wow! These lines are insane. I guess I would have to go with yes because you're getting nothing on no, but thinking one of the best ever is -1900 to not win over the next 13 months is staggering.

Tiger Woods best finish during 2017 calendar year (minimum playing field of 100)

  • Over 15.5: -145
  • Under 15.5: +115

Under seems like the play here, too. These lines are blowing me away, though. We are still talking about somebody who played in one of the final three groups at the 2015 Masters!

Will Tiger Woods withdraw during the 2016 Hero World Challenge?

  • Yes: +230
  • No: -320

Smart money on yes for a few reasons. Most notably is that the combination of him embarrassing himself and bailing out because of injury seems higher than ever. I obviously am not saying Woods feigns injuries, but I do think embarrassing play compounds any twinges any golfer (not just Woods) is feeling.

Will Tiger Woods finish in the top 5 at the 2016 Hero World Challenge?

  • Yes: +350
  • No: -500

Remember, there are only 18 in the field. They are all world-class competitors and players, but he only has to beat 13 of them. I would go yes (and let the hype train for 2017 leave the station).

Will Tigers Woods hit fairway on first round tee shot on Hole No. 1 of Hero World Challenge?

  • Yes: -165
  • No: +135

He doesn't even do this when he's playing all the time.

Tiger Woods' score on Hole No. 1 during first round of Hero World Challenge

  • Birdie: +250
  • Par: -120
  • Bogey or worse: +160

How many birdies will Tiger Woods record in the first round of 2016 Hero World Challenge?

  • Over 2.5: -150
  • Under 2.5: +120

Tiger Woods highest score on any hole during 2016 Hero World Challenge

  • Over 6: -160
  • Under 6: +130

On these final three I would say the plays are bogey or worse at the first hole, under 2.5 birdies and over six on highest score during the entire tournament.

Tiger is Tiger of course, and he always will be. But taking as much time off from competitive golf takes a toll on your game for anyone. Even one of the greatest of all time. I do think Woods will be good (and maybe great) again at some point, but I don't necessarily think it will be this week at the Hero World Challenge.

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