I did not have Danny Willett in my nine for the Masters. I did not have Dustin Johnson in my nine for the U.S. Open. So I'm not totally sure why you're still listening to me here. Or maybe I'm just due.

Either way, I've put together a list of the nine players I would stake my life on to win this golf tournament.

Throw everything else out the window. All the stats. All the trends. This is not most likely based on past performance or who's streaking into the tournament. It's just dudes who can get the job done at a major.

1. Dustin Johnson: I'm still not totally sure I trust him, but it's not difficult to envision him winning another major with the way he's hitting it right now. And consider the way he's striking his wedges right now.

2. Jason Day: I'm really going out on a limb with the top two players in the world in my top two. When the chips are down, he's learned to clear the mechanism. He might have to serve orange juice from the claret jug to his son Dash, but the Day family could pretty easily be drinking from a trophy come this time next week.

3. Sergio Garcia: Come at me. Sergio Garcia is going to win a major championship. Although it's probably not going to be this one considering about 20 of us are picking him.

4. Jordan Spieth: He has "historically great" written all over him. You could add him to a list of multiple-major winners at this course that includes Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer. He said on Tuesday he "craves" the claret jug. It will be his if he can control his iron play.

5. Rory McIlroy: I do love me a pissed off McIlroy heading into a major. Weather and proper draw will likely seal his fate one way or another, but if he gets the good side of both, we could be talking about No. 5 soon.

6. Adam Scott: Is he the best one-time major winner of all time? He's certainly up there along with other current golfers like Day and Johnson. He has taken so many shots at the jug you have to wonder if his time for winning one has already passed. He will have to hole a few of those gimmes he usually misses during an Open to win this week.

7. Lee Westwood: Just a hunch here. I think Westwood is going to be a factor Sunday afternoon.

8. Louis Oosthuizen: He has more forgotten than Scott is right now. One of the greatest swings of all time, not just in modern golf. I sometimes wonder what his mental engagement is like (which obviously matters at a bad-weather Open), but you can't question the ball-striking. And ball-striking, as we know, wins major championships.

9. Rickie Fowler: I feel less confident about this pick than I have in the past. But his ball flight is magnificent for a British Open, and he's tougher than Phil Mickelson's after a year in the sun. The Open is the major he'll win. It just might not be this week.