Brooks Koepka says alleged fight with Dustin Johnson after 2018 Ryder Cup never happened

Brooks Koepka has been through a wild week. While playing in his second Ryder Cup in Paris, Koepka accidentally hit a woman with one of his tee shots and received word on Tuesday that she would lose eyesight in one of her eyes as a result. There were also various reports that he and Dustin Johnson, who he played with in foursomes on Saturday, got into a post-Ryder Cup tussle.

Koepka, who hangs out with D.J. and is presumably pretty close to him, refuted those reports on Wednesday at the Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland.

"This Dustin thing, I don't get," said Koepka. "There's no fight. There's no argument. He's one of my best friends. I mean, we talked on the phone ... yesterday. So you tell me how we fought. I don't know. People like to make a story and run with it, and I mean, it's not the first time that there's been a news story that isn't true that's come out."

Koepka reiterated that he has been texting with Johnson (and Patrick Reed) and that everything was just fine. He even addressed a foreign report that the two fought not only after the Ryder Cup but before it on the flight from Atlanta to Paris.

"It's actually quite funny to us," he said. "I mean, we're really good friends and there was no argument. There was no fight. I'd be curious, though, who would win in a fight. I feel like it would be pretty interesting. ... We've never fought. That's not our relationship. We're two even-keeled guys. I can't even remember raising my voice to him and I don't think he's ever raised his voice to me, ever, in our four years of friendship. I mean, that's not who we are.

"You see it, we're pretty comfortable and laid back. That's just you guys trying to find why we lost and making an excuse. It even goes back to, that we got in a fight on the flight over. We're sleeping. So it's just laughable, it really is."

As for the fallout that's happened since the Ryder Cup ended in a 17.5-10.5 defeat for the Americans, Koepka noted on Wednesday that the entire thing is pretty straightforward: The U.S. played poorly. That's all.

"I think the camaraderie was fine. It was perfect," said Koepka. "You know, the problem is, you guys try to find the reason why we lost, and there's the simple reason we just didn't play good enough. We didn't make the putts. We didn't hit the fairways. 

"There's nothing wrong with our team. Our team was great. [Captain] Jim [Furyk] was great. You know, that's just you guys trying to find an excuse as to why we didn't win. It's just very simple.

"We still have a group chat that we've been chatting on for months now. We've all been talking about it. You know, 'Hey, wish we all could have played a little better.' It's just that simple. We just didn't play good enough, and credit to the European guys. They played well."

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