Bubba Watson and wife Angie adopt one-month old son

Bubba Watson and wife Angie announced Tuesday on Twitter that they had officially adopted a baby boy, something that had been in the works for over a year for the couple.

The two returned to Florida, the home state of Bubba, to do so, and while Watson hinted at the idea of adoption during the Tavistock Cup, the announcement and picture that Bubba tweeted makes it official. 

Over a year ago I was lucky enough to play 18 holes with both Bubba and Angie at a charity event, and have to say, for as funny and quirky as Bubba is, Angie is steady and fabulous. The two have always seemed perfect for each other, and I think we all can congratulate the two on this family move forward. 

Now, the big question? Is Bubba now going to have to switch to a baby blue-headed driver instead of the pink one he’s playing now? Your move, Ping.

h/t Ballengee

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