Golf in the Olympics has taken a beating over the past few weeks. From so many golfers withdrawing to Rory McIlroy lighting everything on fire at The Open last week, it hasn't been the best month for golf as a global entity. Bubba Watson spoke candidly about that recently with Dan Patrick and explained to him why he's excited to go to Rio for the Olympics.

"My wife ... we've adopted both of our kids so there wasn't a scare from Zika," said Watson. "I've never had a security issue so I've never been worried about security down there. So I was a go from the get-go."

So that's good. But what he said about why he's going down there -- to be a spectator of the spectacle -- is what really interested me. This is smart too. It's one of the most unique opportunities these players will ever get, and good for Watson for taking advantage of it.

"A gold medal is not really what I'm looking at," said Watson. "Just getting on the team and being a part of this. The gold medal or any medal is a bonus. I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I have tickets from Monday to Saturday so I can be a fan. I'm going to sit with the general public."