Curtis Strange had a funny exchange with a reporter at the US Open

Curtis Strange was 2 under in the 1990 US Open. (Getty Images)
Curtis Strange was 2 under in the 1990 US Open. (Getty Images)

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You all saw the exchange between the reporter at the French Open and Nicola Mahut from last week, yes? If not, here's the most awkward interview ever.

And look, we might have an equivalent at the US Open from Monday with Curtis Strange. 

Here's the transcript.

Reporter: "You were talking about back-to-back, but you were also the last guy and I think maybe the only guy to play three straight US Opens under par. Which one do you think will happen again, what's the more likelihood of either one of those happening again, and kind of as an addendum to that, what was the top quality needed to win a US Open when you did and has that changed?"

Curtis Strange: "Yeah, I'm trying to remember. I saw that a couple of days ago and I really had to think. It was '87, '88, '89, is that correct?"

Reporter: "'88 through '90?"

Strange: "Through '90? I wasn't under par in '90."

Reporter: "Yes, 286, par 72."

Strange: "Where? No, I wasn't under par at Medinah. No."

Reporter: "Want me to get a book and show you?"

Strange: "You're going to have to, because I didn't play very well at Medinah. Well, you know what (laughter). All I remember is playing like crap on Sunday, okay? All I remember is hitting a four iron fat on the second hole.

Reporter: "Can I just withdraw the question?"

Strange: "What was the second part of your question?"

Reporter: "Never mind."

Strange: "I don't know, you just do those things. To break par at a US Open, you have to play pretty well, but you don't think about it. You're trying to do the best you can."

Oh boy. 

Strange was in fact under par in 1990 at 2 under. He was also 2 under when he won in 1989 at Oak Hill and 6 under when he won in 1988 at Brookline.

All in all, a pretty funny back and forth.

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