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Welcome back to The Links -- a Rory's girlfriend-free zone for the time being. Hope you enjoy today's version.

We talk a lot on our equipment blog about the things we wear outside our bodies that will help us play better golf.

But what about something you can put inside your body to help improve your game?

Enter: BILINER Water

The product

BILINER Water is a product that is unlike any other water in the world. According to its website it is "the oldest, purest mineral and spring water on earth" and has "the highest concentration of minerals and 'drink-it-to-believe it health benefits.'"

How pure is it? It is the only water that can be drank by new born babies without any alterations or augmentations.

How does it work?

BILINER water is a naturally sparkling, alkaline functional mineral water with a real taste of high concentration of minerals (over 5000 PPM) with pH 8.0. It is bottled exactly as it flows from its source and contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, as well as anions of chloride, sulfate and bicarbonate.

I have to say when I first tried it I was a little unnerved by the somewhat salty taste but there’s a purpose in that. It doesn’t taste like a soda, that’s for sure, but it’s something you get used to.

It’s also something that works. It keeps you feeling hydrated as well as light which is what I’m going for on the course. It’s similar to Qore in that sense

Tons of tour pros drink it during their rounds to stay hydrated, including that guy you may of heard of that goes by the name of an animal.

How much is it?

It is available in bottled, 0.5-liter 12-packs (MSRP $1.49 per bottle) and 1-liter 6-packs (MSRP $1.99 per bottle).

I’m a fan — I grew used to the taste and almost started craving it when I was without. It’s definitely a product that gets better the more you use it.

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