Eye on Golf Equipment: Five gift ideas for Father's Day

Golf is a sport with ever-changing tools. There are drivers, putters, balls, towels, bags, socks, grips and everything in between. Here at Eye on Golf, we will start reviewing the latest in golf equipment each Tuesday in hopes that our words will help you make a better decision on what's best for you. Father's Day is this Sunday, so check out our golf ball gift guide, and then see below some cool things to get your golfing father.

Motorola MOTOACTV GPS tracker -- If you have a father like mine, you know one thing and one thing about GPS devices; they don't like the idea of looking through something and firing at a pin. They can't keep it still enough, they have a hard time hitting the flag and eventually they just give up on shooting for distance. The good news is, the Motorola MOTOACTV is a simple yet precise device that allows golfers to find distances to greens at the convenience of your wrist. The iPod nano-sized device gives you access to 20,000 golf courses, gives you distances to front, back and middle of greens and actually allows you to sync your rounds online so you can check in on how you played that day. Hey, Bubba Watson uses it, so you know it must be good. www.motorola.com, $199.99

Kentwool USA Sock -- It's never a bad thing when you buy a present for someone AND donate something to charity. That's the case with these cool, American-style golf socks that donate $5 for every pair to Bubba Watson's "Bubba & Friends Drive to a million" charity. Also, they're the most comfortable sock in the game. Do it. www.kentwoolsocks.com, $19.95

Ashworth Cardiff golf shoe -- Another timeless golf shoe that would be great for a dad to wear with anything, the Cardiff was introduced and are being worn by the new Ashworth ambassador Justin Rose, and for good reason. Rose brings a fresh face to the Ashworth brand, and these golf shoes are a wonderful alternative to any golf wardrobe. The Cardiff comes in five different styles (I'm partial to Iron/White/Toro), and looks great with both pants and shorts, a must for a summer present to dad. An affordable and classy look, the Cardiff is a great present for any pops. www.taylormadegolf/ashworth, $120

Oakley Striation Polo -- Your dad is going to be watching the U.S. Open on Saturday. Rory McIlroy is going to be wearing this awesome golf shirt. When it comes in the mail on Sunday, he will thank you, trust me. www.oakley.com, $60

Ecco's BIOM Hybrid shoe -- You know what dad likes? Fred Couples. Trust me, your dad loves him. He loves his everlasting style and flowing swing and the fact that Couples is most likely more handsome at 52 than he was at 26. And one thing that we've learned from Freddie the last few years is he can push golf shoes. His deal with Ecco has been hugely successful, and their latest edition with the BIOM Hybrid is definitely a step forward. They call it "golf's first-ever performance shoe built atop a hybrid outsole," and while I'm assuming that's true, I simply call it comfortable. The idea these days is to have a golf shoe that doesn't feel like you're wearing a golf shoe, and Ecco has nailed it with their latest design. Order a pair for pops and make him the envy of his Wednesday foursome. www.eccousa.com, $280 

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