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Father's Day is approaching -- you can almost always mark it by when the U.S. Open takes place -- and there are plenty of directions you can go if you need a golf-related gift for the dad in your life.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive but rather is a conglomeration of products I've tried out or maybe even had my eye on myself, in case my wife is reading this (which she's not). It's a mishmash of apparel and equipment that changes up from season to season, but this year's list is especially relevant as folks being to get more comfortable being out in public and playing golf again. Let's take a look.

Wingman Speaker ($149 | Bushnell): All of Bushnell's products are terrific. Though the Wingman Speaker is different than their normal rangefinders, it's a really good piece of the puzzle to have in the bag as summer starts. Listening to music on the course has become more common during the rounds I play, and this is a great way to do it (plus, it can deliver you yardages while you're playing!).


Nike Air Max 90 ($130 | Dick's): I got these in the mail the same week Jason Kokrak wore them en route to his win at the Charles Schwab Challenge. Coincidence? Almost definitely. Although I should mention that my wife loves these because I can wear them off the course and not look like a buffoon wearing golf shoes off the course. Extremely comfortable and even better-looking. I'm all the way in on these shoes.


ZG21 Golf Shoes ($180 | Adidas): These shoes, on the other hand, I cannot wear off the course. Still, they are one of the more comfortable pairs of golf kicks I have ever worn. The look of them is subtle but great, and the lightness and ease on your feet -- especially if you like to walk rounds like I do -- is off the charts. Full send on these.


Payntr X 001 F ($160 | Payntr): Another pair of shoes. It's the summer of the shoe. Payntr is new to the game, but the kicks are solid. They are not a traditional fit like those Adidas shoes above or, say, Jordan Spieth's Under Armours. I would compare them more to the Ecco golf shoes that have become popular over the past decade. I'm intrigued to see where this brand goes -- one of their goals is to leverage the biomechanics of the swing in a golf shoe -- but this is a solid first step in the right direction. 


Linksoul Duffle Bag ($150 | Linksoul): Linksoul has become both a partner and a friend, and this is more of a want than a need. Everything they make is top-notch, and as summer hits and folks start traveling more, this is a perfect arrow to have in the quiver as we all start to hit the road more.