There are only 201 PGA Tour players who have more career wins than Ryan Moore. Moore won the John Deere Classic on Sunday by two strokes over Ben Martin to secure the fifth win of his PGA Tour career.

That's the same number as Luke Donald and Henrik Stenson. It's also one behind Jimmy Walker, Hunter Mahan and Bill Haas; and a couple more away from Justin Rose, Matt Kuchar and Jordan Spieth.

And yet, Moore is one of those names we rarely hear from or about. His persona in the golf world is the opposite of his swing: totally nondescript. It was also the opposite of his amateur career. Before turning pro, Moore won the NCAA Championship, U.S. Amateur and Amateur Public Links. It's not a stretch to say he had one of the most impressive amateur careers of the last two decades.

So while five wins on the PGA Tour is impressive, it could be considered a disappointment to somebody like Moore.

"If you would have asked me when I was a senior in college if I would have thought 12 years into my career, would I have more than five wins, I would have said yeah," said Moore on Sunday. "But at that point in time, I had won every tournament I played and hit it perfect every single day. A few injuries changed that over the years.

"I've had my left ankle hurting me for about five years. I've worked on it a lot and gone to a lot of different places to seen what I can do and get it feeling better, and nothing made it feel better. And I've only been working with him, like I said, for a month and a half. And I texted him on Monday this week, like this is the first week -- I actually went and hit balls on Monday, and I got done and I realized I had not thought about my ankle once. Like that's the first time probably in five years that I like didn't at least just notice it there."

Moore has been one of the more steady players on tour over the last decade. It's something that has provided him with plenty of opportunities to win events and something he prides himself on.

"Even just to keep my card and stay out here for, I think this is my 12th season this year," said Moore. "Without ever losing it, without ever having to go back down or go to Qualifying School or anything like that, I mean, honestly, that's a bit of an accomplishment these days, as tough as the competition is.

"For me, it's competing against myself. In a lot of ways, I think that's what I love about golf. It's about showing up and just seeing what I can do every single day ... Today, I went out there this week and gave it my best and actually ended up on top. It's a great feeling."

It's also a testament to the grinding, headstrong attitude of a seasoned veteran like Moore. Is he going to win a major or multiple majors? Probably not. But he's a hell of an out week and week out on the PGA Tour. Guys like him are the lifeblood of this traveling circus.

To win five times and hold off kids like Ben Martin, Morgan Hoffmann and Kelly Kraft at a tournament where you have to go crazy low is extremely impressive. But like Moore said, just being out here at all for over a decade with all the insanely good players coming for you every week is just as much of an accomplishment.