Florida driving range lets you hit balls at presidential candidates

The Ace Golf range in Florida knows that political practice makes perfect. (Brandon Patch)

Going to the driving range can get a bit boring. You're out, banging balls at lonely sticks, hoping to fine-tune a golf game that just doesn't seem to work out on the golf course.

But what if being out there got political? That's the case at the Ace Golf range in Brandon, Fla. Owner Bill Place thought up the idea to put out posters of President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, allowing patrons to smack balls at whomever they'd like. 

"I guess some are shooting at them and some are shooting for them," Place told the Brandon Patch. "They can shoot in whatever direction they please. Some people like to shoot way off to the left and some people like to shoot in the right direction."

You have to give it up to Place for thinking up such a simple, but brilliant idea. You go out to the range, hit stinger 2-irons at whichever candidate you despise, hope to catch Obama or Romney in the teeth a couple of times, and call it a day. 

They plan on the posters staying up until Election Day, so if you're in the Florida area, go give them your best shot.

h/t Shackelford

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