Sergio Garcia is right in the middle of his prime. (Getty Images)
Sergio Garcia is right in the middle of his prime. (Getty Images)

Geoff Ogilvy is one of my favorite people in all of golf. He's thoughtful, interesting and has smart takes on his fellow pros. 

That's why I was excited to read his Q&A in next month's Golf Digest, which I got my hands on early. What he said about Sergio Garcia raised my eyebrows. Here's a look.

"Sergio Garcia has gone from being merely a superb ball-striker to being the best in the game. Sergio has always been a "flusher," someone who hits it solid. But today he plays golf utterly the way it was meant to be played, drawing or fading the ball at will, probably the way Hogan did."

That's high praise for somebody who's never won a major, but Ogilvy is correct. Garcia trailed only Rory McIlroy in 2013-14 on the PGA Tour in strokes gained tee-to-green at 1.82 per round. Nobody else gained over 1.7 per round.

It still feels like he's underappreciated, though.

Part of that is because a lot of that old "can't win the big one" stink still lingers around him, which is a little bit unfair considering a lot of people (like all but three) didn't win the big one in 2014. 

Personally, I've fallen for Sergio in the last few years. His #ProTraj is unparalleled, and his celebrations are unintentionally spectacular. Plus, that Hogan thing...I believe it.

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