If college football teams were golfers this is who they would be

Which team is Tiger Woods the equivalent of? Not Stanford. (Getty Images)
Which team is Tiger Woods the equivalent of? Not Stanford. (Getty Images)

College football starts on Thursday (have you heard?) and I thought it might be fun to take a look at which teams corresponded with various golfers based on important things like historical value, clutch-ness, size of fan base, and recent success.

This should be fun and all of you will be mad so just hang tight and unleash your fury in the comments section.

I'm only looking at the top 10 teams in the AP poll. We might do others later on.

Florida State -- Rory McIlroy: The champs. There are also some parallels between McIlroy's sort-of struggles in 2013 and the Noles' sort-of struggles in the early to mid 2000s. No signs of letting go of the crown any time soon.

Alabama -- Tiger Woods: Probably either the greatest or second greatest of all time and the polarization of its fans and non-fans on the Internet could be its own 30 for 30. Roll Big Cat.

Oregon -- Rickie Fowler: The coolest ones around, crazy attire, solid on a yearly basis, beloved by children, and yet still hasn't won the big one.

OU -- Sergio Garcia: Supremely talented, always loaded, and then when they get to the title game (majors) it doesn't always end well. Even had their most success around the same time (OU in 2000 and Sergio in 1999).

Here is the football version of what Tiger used to do to Sergio:

Ohio State -- Patrick Reed: Thinks they're better than they actually are, people put up with them but talk about them behind their backs. Wins a lot but disappears a lot, too.

Auburn -- Jason Day: Fun as hell, creative, and makes the craziest recoveries ever:

UCLA -- Dustin Johnson: Better known for another activity they participate in on a yearly basis. Other half is Googled more often.

Michigan State -- Jimmy Walker: Nobody really knows. Are they for real? A flash in the pan for a few years (a year)? Only time will tell.

Baylor -- Bubba Watson: The closer you are, the more questions you have.

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