Jordan Spieth is known for keeping his cool under the most stressful situations on the golf course. His mental acuity is something that will carry him to a successful 20-year career. However, give him the right cauldron and the Golden Child can lose his mind rather quickly.

Spieth was recently asked about watching his brother Steven play basketball. Steven is a senior at Brown and a good one at that. He averages 15 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Jordan said he once cracked a tablet during a game Steven was playing because of a bad call.

"In high school it was easier [to watch him play] because I was at every game and I had friends on the team, too," Jordan told ESPN recently. "We were in the student section, so everyone was going crazy the whole time. Now, watching it, via laptop or an iPad or whatever, I get so into it. I actually broke an iPad one time. I have an actual broken iPad after watching one of the games. I think it was [because of] a bad call."

That is amazing. Even more amazing is that Steven followed that up by saying he coveted Jordan's poise.

"I'd say [if I could take on thing from him] just poise," Steven said. "I mean, the way that he handles himself on the world's biggest stage as far as golf goes, and the way that he handles himself."

Just not when those pesky Ivy League referees can't figure out the difference between a block and a charge. The entire interview is great, and Steven even displays some savagery near the end.