Justin Thomas just could not take himself seriously if he chose to putt with the pin in

One of the new rules for professional golf in 2019 is that you are allowed to putt with the pin in, if you so desire. You can't take it out and put it back in during a putt -- you have to decide before striking the ball, as Bubba Watson found out -- but you could theoretically use the pin as a backboard of sorts (which Bryson DeChambeau will apparently do).

Anyway, Justin Thomas was asked if this is something he would consider.

"I mean, personally, I don't think I can," said Thomas. "I mean, if I have an 8-footer to win a golf tournament, I can't -- I mean no offense, I can't really take myself seriously if I kept the pin in. 

"It just would be such a weird picture and like on TV me celebrating and like the pin is in and my ball's like up against it. And so I don't know, to me that's one thing. But, yeah, I guess there's some instances in tournaments where the pin is really the only thing that can stop it, that's one thing. But if I have a putt I'm trying to make, that thing's coming out."

He was asked if it was purely visual, and his answer made me laugh.

"What, the flag stick?" said Thomas. "I just, I truly, I can't, I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously. I just feel like it would be very, very weird."

It certainly will be weird. It could be a lot of other things, too -- hilarious, effective (?) and possibly even a catalyst for slow(er) play. Whatever the case it's definitely going to be a topic of conversation early on in the season, especially if DeChambeau wins as much as he did in 2018.

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