Web.com Tour rookie golfer A.J. McInerney missed out on the Web.com Tour Championship over the weekend at Atlantic Beach Country Club. Instead, he attended a concert featuring Jason Aldean and others near the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday. As everyone is aware of by now, 59 people were killed at that concert and more than 500 others were injured in the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

McInerney was in the crowd, but he escaped with his girlfriend Alyssa Martine. 

McInerney, who finished No. 97 on the regular season Web.com Tour money list, spoke with Global Golf Post about his harrowing night. 

"I saw people to the left and right of me get shot," McInerney told GGP. "I could hear the bullets hit people. You could see the bullets hitting the ground right beside you. I don't know what a war zone is like, but it felt like we were sitting ducks. … It was a pretty gruesome scene.

"When we hit the ground, we tried to take as much cover as we could. I grabbed my girlfriend and her brother jumped on top of us. We try to protect the people we love. Then you just tried to run. Everyone has to go."

McInerney is a 23-year-old from Nevada who turned pro in 2016 after playing college golf at UNLV. He will have to go through Q-School to get back to the Web.com Tour next season (and maybe eventually the PGA Tour). But forget about golf, he is clearly thankful to be alive after a night when so many died so senselessly.

"I know people who weren't as lucky as me and it kills me," McInerney added. "Fortunately for me, there was no physical damage, just emotional damage. I was standing next to people who weren't as lucky."