LOOK: John Daly finally launches alcoholic Arnold Palmer drink named after him

John Daly has evolved into a bit of a businessman in the latter stages of his career. Daly has partnered with all manner of businesses, opened his own restaurant in Arkansas and has now relaunched a self-branded drink named after him: A mix of tea, lemonade and vodka. John Daly's Grip It and Sip It.

Obviously the drink without the vodka -- a combination of iced tea and lemonade -- is famously known as an Arnold Palmer. But the same drink with vodka -- or using sweet tea vodka in place of the iced tea itself -- is popularly referred to as a John Daly. The two-time major winner has released two drinks -- one with tea, lemonade and vodka and one with just tea and vodka. As Alex Meyers pointed out, he actually tried this in 2012, but this seems to be a rebrand with a different distributor.

"My official drink is finally here!!" wrote Daly. "If you're gonna enjoy a John Daly's (Grip It and Sip It) make sure it's the real deal! Tested, retested and mixed just right -- be careful though one just isn't enough! Check out where to grab one near you they're selling out fast! Great for the course or just and on the go! Lemme know how you like 'em...they're better than good!"

Here's a look.

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