LOOK: Phil Mickelson hilariously explains why he's using two drivers at Memorial Tournament, U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson famously used two drivers to win the 2006 Masters, and he's resurrecting the strategy this week for the Memorial Tournament, as well as the upcoming U.S. Open.

You'll just never believe why.

In an Instagram video posted Thursday, the start date of this year's Memorial tourney, "Lefty" went into hilarious detail about his big switch, citing everything from Bubba Watson's chest hair to his diminishing self-esteem as motivating factors.

"Why such a change of heart? Why am I doing this?" he explained. "Well, I saw a post of Bubba Watson hitting bombs without a shirt on. And he had bear chest hair. And I don't mean B-A-R-E chest hair. I mean grizzly bear -- B-E-A-R -- chest hair, and thought, 'If I have to have that to hit bombs, I don't want to hit bombs.'

"So I have a shorter driver where I can hit cute little cuts into the fairway," Mickelson continued. "But then I realized that when I was not hitting bombs, my confidence was low, my self-esteem was low. Oftentimes I wouldn't want to get out of bed. And so when I started hitting bombs, my confidence shot back up, my testosterone came back, my overall attractiveness increased. And so I'm going to have a driver to hit cute cuts in the fairway, and I'm going to hit bombs."

Just beautiful. Who in their right mind is going to turn down an opportunity to see Phil's "cute little cuts" moving forward?

A six-time runner-up at the U.S. Open, Mickelson will be part of the ongoing Memorial Tournament until June 2.

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