Move over NHL playoff beards, there is a new sheriff in town. Or rather, there are two new sheriffs in town. Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler are both growing filthy playoff mustaches as the 2015-16 FedEx Cup Playoffs get underway at The Barclays this week in New York.

I mean filthy.

Thomas, who is No. 10 in the FedEx Cup points race (Fowler is No. 28), actually solicited fan input last week for whether this should be done. Fans were (understandably) overwhelmingly in favor of the mustaches.

Thomas and Fowler famously went to Baker's Bay earlier this year with Jordan Spieth and Smylie Kaufman to enjoy a spring break and wind down after the Masters. At least part of the band is getting back together as Fowler and Kaufman are paired with Graeme McDowell for the first two days of The Barclays.

For Fowler, this is a throwback to his days as Dick Fowler P.I., which I am of course in favor of.