LOOK: Sergio Garcia has intense bunker meltdown prior to Saudi International disqualification

Sergio Garcia has had better golf tournaments. Last week at the inaugural Saudi International, he was disqualified for damaging five greens, apparently with his spikes and putter. He was also videotaped going absolutely bananas in a greenside bunker at the event. This incident (video below) wasn't even factored into his disqualification, but it's pretty astonishing to watch.

Garcia was under par over the first two rounds before the DQ!

Adam Sarson wrote smartly about this entire weekend from Garcia and all of the conflicting interests at play when it comes to a potential suspension for the former Masters champ. The European Tour is in a tough spot because Garcia has always been (and will always be) one of its biggest draws. Will they really suspend him for his behavior and push him to play a different tour in the interim? I'm dubious, and in fact, European Tour CEO Keith Pelley has insinuated that won't happen.

However, according to the European Tour's chief executive, Keith Pelley, the matter is now closed. "The incident is over," he said, speaking at the event in King Abdullah Economic City. "We have dealt with it. Sergio has apologized to the players and we move on."

The whole thing is pretty strange. I think we can all understand just losing your mind on one hole and slamming a putter or scuffing a green, but to do that five different times and nearly empty one of the bunkers of all of its sand is fairly bizarre behavior for one of the faces of the European Tour. 

Whether this goes away quickly like I'm sure Pelley would prefer remains to be seen, and probably depends on whether video of Garcia scuffing up the greens in King Abdullah Economic City exists and emerges. If it does, then the European Tour might feel pressure to make Garcia go away for a while. 

There's (sort of) precedent for this. Simon Dyson was fined $49,000 and suspended for two months for tapping down a spike mark a few years ago. It's up for debate whether that was a worse incident, but if that necessitated a two-month suspension, it seems as if something similar should be in the cards here (even if we all know it likely won't happen).

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