Man attempting six rounds of golf on six continents in six days

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This dude is crazy. I mean really, maybe literally, insane.

Crazy about golf, yes, but potentially just crazy in general.

Harry Scott of the Jersey Shore is attempting to play six rounds of golf in six days -- that's pretty normal, right? Well, he's planning to do it on six different continents.

The journey started on September 1 in Australia and will then hit Malaysia, Egypt, England, Bahamas (he will play the Ocean Club -- see video above), and finally Venezuela. Nothing in Antarctica, but only because they don't have a course.

But he actually wanted to do that as well, as he told

"It wouldn't have been so bad if there was a way I could have figured out how to play and get out on the same day," he said. "Maybe just fool around on the ice, do something silly."

The craziest part? He's 79.

He described to why he's embarking on this journey.

"It's something to do," said the longtime Rutgers fan, who will turn 80 years young on Christmas Eve. "It's fun, I've got time on my hands, why not?"

Scott said his flights alone cost a small fortune.

"Well, the airfares are going to cost about 7 or 8 thousand," he said. "But I'm only going to have some cab fares, and a couple of hotels. I'll actually get a chance to sleep a few times in there. Hopefully. And I'll have to shower and shave once in awhile."

By my count he's in Egypt today and heading to London tomorrow -- hope he still has some time to do some sightseeing.

Oh, and how can he top this excursion? Next year he plans to play 26 countries in 26 days. The catch is that each country has to start with a different letter of the alphabet.

h/t Tony Moss

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