Man sues resort for $2.25 million after losing fingers to crocodile

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Guys, we have a real-life Chubbs on our hands. 

The fictional character in the movie Happy Gilmore, of course, lost his right arm to an alligator lines up pretty perfectly with Edward Lunger's story from Cancun earlier this year.

According to the New York Post, Lunger lost part of his hand to a crocodile on a course where, according to Lunger, there were no warning signs posted.

Here's how it happened:

The 50-year-old engineer took a couple of practice swings and then chipped out of the bunker. He heard leaves rustle.

“All of a sudden, his arm went back, and his head went back,” pal Mark Martin recalled. “I saw the crocodile leap up.”

The angry female chomped down on Lunger’s left arm up to his elbow, using its tail and claws to drag Lunger to the sand, the men said.

“She pulled me back and flipped me, and I went to the ground,” Lunger said.

The 5-foot-8, 180-pound Holtsville resident managed to brace himself by getting a knee on the ground.

“The crocodile was holding me down, and I pulled myself out,” he said. “I don’t remember even doing that.”

Lunger's pal stopped the crocodile with a large boulder but Lunger would, allegedly, have to front the nearly $18,000 necessary at a private hospital in Cancun to fix his hand up. There's a pretty appalling photo of the incident here.

So of course Lunger sued after the golf course reps (with Iberostar, which is a hotel and resort company) started spreading rumors that he tried to incite the crocodile with a chicken (yes, this is as weird as it sounds).

Adding insult to the devastating injuries he faced, Lunger said Iberostar reps began pressuring him to sign papers absolving the resort of responsibility — and when that failed, it allegedly spread rumors that Lunger prompted the attack by teasing the croc with chicken.

“We came with nothing,” Martin fumed. “We rented the clubs there. We [bought] the balls there. Where would we be getting chicken?”

If you're going to start a "hey, he started it" argument, I can think of better things than "he was carrying a chicken around" but maybe that's just me.

I can't wait for the next twist in this story in which I find out that Rafael Nadal (whose uncle Toni is sponsored by Iberostar) was riding the crocodile the entire time.

Also, that local muni with no water doesn't seem so bad anymore, does it?

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