McIlroy is a boss; Nicklaus says Rory could 'win 15 or 20 majors'

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There's something about him, you know?

I've spent time around him, watched him play countless rounds, seen the good the bad and the rest and I still can't put my finger on what it is.

Maybe it's the ubiquitous "it" that so many sportswriters and athletes reference when trying to grasp at what makes legends legends.

Maybe it's simply that he's the best driver of the golf ball on planet earth. 

Whatever it is, it's like the opposite of what everyone always says about the wind -- you can't always feel it happening but you sure as hell can see it.

The McIlroy Strut is what they should re-name that bouncy "on your toes" thing that golfers do after they hit a big-boy shot because even though he didn't invent, Rory McIlroy perfected it.

It is this, but usually more subtle:

GIF via SB Nation.

When McIlroy has it rocking, there's nobody on the planet who wants any part of him.

Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia? Nope.
Adam Scott? Five top 10s in a row and got steamrolled for No. 1
Tiger Woods? No, none of it.
Martin Kaymer? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Jack Nicklaus noted it on Wednesday to ESPN.

"I think Rory is an unbelievable talent,'' Nicklaus said. "I love his swing, I love his rhythm, I love his moxie.

"It depends on what he feels his priorities are and that's his call. I think Rory has an opportunity to win 15 or 20 majors or whatever he wants to do if he wants to keep playing. But you just don't know what the guy's priorities are going to be in life 10 years from now."

See: Woods, Tiger.

Rory is fine with the talk but more focused on his game than anything else.

I've had a great run of golf and I've played well over the past few months," he said on Tuesday.

"Look, I said at the start of the year that golf was looking for someone to put their hand up and sort of become one of the dominant players in the game. I felt like I had the ability to do that, and it's just nice to be able to win a few tournaments and get back to where I feel like I should be, which is near the top of the World Rankings and competing in majors and winning golf tournaments."

He said he's trying to keep everything as conservative as possible.

"So I'm not necessarily sure you can call that an era or the start of an era, but I'm just really happy with where my golf game is at the minute and I just want to try and continue that for as long as possible.  And people can say what they want to say, that's fine.  But I can't read too much into it."

Buttoned-up, as it should be.

McIlroy can say all the right things and hug Sergio and shake hands and everything else he wants to do to keep the mythmaking at bay.

GIF via Adam Sarson.

But come the weekend when he's banging 4-irons 240 yards and bouncing on his toes, his game tells me something totally different.

Rory McIlroy is playing as well as any golfer has played all season. (Getty Images)
Rory McIlroy is playing as well as any golfer has played all season. (Getty Images)

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