NFL player signs contract for fiance promising not to purchase another driver

Denver Broncos tight end Jeff Heuerman is obsessed with golf. His Instagram is full of photos of him playing various courses and enjoying the trappings of being a professional athlete.

No house is safe.

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Summertime 🏌⛳️

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So it had to be with great resignation that he recently signed a contract for his fiance promising not to purchase another driver for the next five years.

"I, Jeff Heuerman, wholeheartedly agree to refrain from purchasing another driver during the duration of the next five years," he wrote. "Although the driver cost me my rent and dinner for the next month, I still will spend more time with my fiancee because I love her more than I will ever love golf.

"Finally, I will work on coming to terms with the fact that buying more expensive golf clubs/drivers/shafts has not, and will not, make me a better golfer."


That's some next level dedication and a sign that he might be a little deep in the equipment game. Either way, it's probably a win-win. Heuerman saves some dough, and his fiance gets more time with him.

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