Nike's introduction for McIlroy not done so well

Rory McIlroy in his new Nike gear. (Nike)

Unless you've been in a coma for the last 12 hours, you know Rory McIlroy was paid a substantial sum of money today to wear a plethora of swooshes on his clothes for a good number of years to come.

The press conference was set on the water in Abu Dhabi and had all the subtlety of a NASA rocket launch.

Take a look below.

Bright lights!


Loud noises!

What executive at Nike looked at the landscape of sports press conferences in the last 10 years and said, "Yeah, that Heat introduction with LeBron? That's what we want to model this thing after"?

The commercial? Yeah, the commercial is awesome. In fact, it would have been pretty awesome for the commercial to just be McIlroy's introduction as Nike's newest athlete. 

Just release that thing on YouTube, get a couple hundred thousand hits (nearly 100,000 at the time of this post), and move on.

Because really, who are you trying to impress with the bright lights Miami Heat thing? The media? The media is McKayla Maroney-level not impressed. 

Nike is great at a few things: commercial production, shoe marketing and creating an aura around athletes. Why screw that up by hosting an awkward, poorly produced semi-press conference semi-interview with the future of your golf division?

Doesn't make sense to me.

A few more thoughts from today's news

  • Phil Knight said he was "looking forward to meeting McIlroy in Augusta." How has Phil Knight never met Rory McIlroy? He's in charge of the company that just dropped $200 million on the guy as the future face of Nike!
  • Also, why is Phil Knight always in sunglasses?
  • Jeans from Rory was a pretty interesting choice. I don't mind it, but still pretty interesting.
  • To the people complaining about how the Rory-Tiger commercial is too much like the Jordan-Bird commercial and "a rip-off" -- uhhh, that's kind of the point.
  • If you watched the press conference, how about the stare Cindy Davis gave the person who asked about Rory having a "behavior clause" in his contract like Tiger?! Bill Cowher would have wilted!
  • To his credit, Rory looked like he would have rather been watching Caroline Wozniacki destroy some poor first-round opponent at the Australian Open (or anywhere, really) than be thrown to the wolves amidst the laser show in Abu Dhabi. Money talks, I guess.
  • I should start a "which putter is Rory using this weekend?" blog. It would kill.
  • I mean that commercial ... really ... it was tremendous.

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