One of Tiger Woods' backup putters sells for over $44,000 at recent auction

You can purchase one of Tiger Woods' old putters. Well, you could have. And it's probably not a putter he ever took one stroke with in competition. But still! One of Tiger Woods' old putters just sold for $44,401 at Green Jacket Auctions

This putter is not Woods' gamer but rather one of the handful of backups that was produced for him by Scotty Cameron over the years. As Jonathan Wall noted, Rickie Fowler nabbed one of these backups four years ago to use, but others have been up for auction over the years. Here's Green Jacket Auctions on the sale.

Offered here is one of Tiger Woods' actual Scotty Cameron putters from 2001. Now, this was not the putter that Tiger used to win 13 major championships. That putter is still owned by Tiger and is easily worth well over $1,000,000. The offered putter is what's famously known as a Tiger Woods "backup" -- a putter produced for Tiger to practice with and experiment with should he decide to switch putters, or should something happen to the original putter and a backup needed to be called into duty. 

According to Scotty Cameron, he only produced 1 or 2 "backup" putters for Tiger each year they worked together. Tiger would try out the back-ups, and even practice with them to ensure they were to his liking, but (so the legend goes) Tiger only used his one trusty gamer in actual tournament play.

As you can imagine, since only a small handful of Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron backup putters were ever produced, even fewer have ever reached the collector market. Surely any Tiger Woods putter is highly valuable, but offered here is a true putter of Tiger's from 2001 - when Tiger was at his peak. As far as we know, the most recent early 2000s Tiger Woods backup putter to reach the collector market sold for $60,000 to a collector in Japan in 2015.  

Regardless of the lack of use in tournament play, this is still pretty awesome and possibly even undervalued because of the rarity of these exact specifications. 


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