Peter from 'Family Guy' accurately represents how most feel about golf

Lois and Peter play golf together. (Hulu)
Lois and Peter play golf together. (Hulu)

This clip from Sunday night's episode of Family Guy is a pretty accurate depiction of how golfers and their significant others, respectively, feel about golf.

It's especially appropriate for those of us who are below average at the sport.

In the episode, Lois convinces Peter that they need to spend more quality time together, and she suggests doing so by taking to the links for his favorite game.

"What do I do, just aim for the pond?" asked Lois as she teed up her drive.

"No, you're not supposed to hit it into the water," said Peter.

"But you hit it into the water," replied Lois.

"I know I hit it into the water," said an exasperated Peter.

"But why do they even have water if you're not supposed to hit it there?" she retorted.

A reasonable question if there ever was one, something I'm sure several golfers at Doral were asking just last week.

"Because it's fun, we're having fun!" screamed Peter


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