Can you envision a world in which the PGA Tour calendar featured the following major championships in consecutive months?

  • April: Masters
  • May: PGA Championship
  • June: U.S. Open
  • July: The Open Championship

New PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan can. He told the Wall Street Journal recently that this is actually something he desires pending agreement from multiple parties involved. Monahan wants to move the PGA Championship to May from August.

"That's certainly something that we would like to see happen," Monahan told the publication. "Having big events every month, culminating in the FedEx Cup playoffs in August prior to the NFL season, that would be a very powerful schedule."

The problem? Each of the majors is run by a third party that the PGA Tour has to negotiate with independently, as the WSJ points out.

Such a change would require the cooperation of the PGA of America, a separate organization that runs the PGA Championship but also has a seat on the policy board that oversees the PGA Tour. Monahan said it is unlikely to happen in 2018.

I have actually lobbied for the PGA Championship to be moved to February in the past, but I would be fine with May. Anywhere to help end the PGA Tour season before the end of September like Monahan insinuated -- although the PGA Tour would actually have to cut some events for this to happen, which I don't really trust it to do.

There is not a great reason for an eight-month calendar year for the PGA Tour, and I hope the PGA Tour explore these options further. I also hope the PGA of America acquiesces to having its tournament moved to May.