PGA Tour pro says three of four injuries are 'bogus'

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If you're not reading the Undercover Pro pieces on Golf Digest, you should be.

This month the yet-to-be-named golfer says that there are more injuries faked on the PGA Tour than you would probably think.

"For every legitimate injury out here, there are probably three that are bogus."

Why, though? Why would you purposely fake an injury to keep you out of winning tournaments that help you make money and keep your tour card etc.

Undercover Pro explains.

"You'll receive a disability payment of up to $10,000 a month that can be tax-free. It used to be $20,000, but in 2008 the tour changed it to ensure the program would be sustainable. Most guys on extensions are at home playing every day, with no caddie or travel expenses, working on their games until they feel ready to return.

"When they come back, they pick their favorite courses. If a guy has 20 events and wants to milk it, he might play his five favorite events over four seasons. There's no limit to how long a major medical can last, as long as you reapply each season."

That's certainly an issue though because golf is such a star-driven sport, probably a smaller one to the sport than it is to the individuals like this pro who are suffering from it. 

The Pro went on to talk about how frustrating it is to get stuck in priority of a given tournament behind a guy who's been "milking it" for a long time. 

I also agree with what he said about the medical exemptions being limited to non-golf injuries only. 

Undercover Pro ends with a nod to Tiger Woods in 2008.

"There's a guy who won the U.S. Open on one leg because he knew he could. But if your game is slipping and you just can't get things to click, maybe that wrist or shoulder starts to ache that much more. The PGA Tour needs to create a truly fair system so that young guys can carve their paths unhindered by those playing the game off the course."

You should read the full piece over at Golf Digest.

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