PGA Tour releases 2019-20 schedule: Four takeaways from next season's golf slate

The PGA Tour released its 2019-20 schedule, and there are a few key changes. While the arc of the schedule is much of the same, the density of it has only increased. This is sure to be discussed and bemoaned by the top golfers in the world trying to figure out a confusing slate in an Olympic year.

We've already seen this take place. Justin Rose (rightly!) noted that the FedEx Cup Playoffs maybe shouldn't dictate that all four majors are played in a 100-day window. 

"It's too condensed," Rose said of the 2018-19 schedule. "As a professional in terms of trying to peak for something, the process that's involved in trying to do that can be detailed and it can be longer than a month. So that's my reasoning for that. I also think it's pretty much driven by FedExCup, wanting to finish on a certain date, everything else having to fit in where it can.

"For me, major championships should be the things that are protected the most. That's how all of our careers ultimately are going to be measured. ... For them to be tweaked so much I think is quite interesting at this point."

It is! But the major season in 2019 was also amazing. Elongating it by a month doesn't do a ton for me, but I also don't understand the inherent rhythm of prepping for a major championship week. This also highlights how much power the PGA Tour wields, and nothing is changing in 2020 regarding the majors or FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Here's a look at the complete 2019-20 PGA Tour schedule, with some thoughts below.

1. The fall is packed: It's going to be weird to watch PGA Tour golf in September that is not FedEx Cup Playoffs golf. That Greenbrier to kick off the fall doesn't look right to me, but I also think they've done a good job keeping all of those events and building out the Asian swing with the new Zozo Championship.

2. Masters lead-in: The run up to Augusta -- including the Players Championship -- is premium. I do feel bad for the Valspar Championship, which is a really good event and has gotten a little lost in the new schedule.

3. Major rhythm: Hope Justin Rose isn't reading this, but I like the new major rhythm. It should end with The Open (it does), and a month between each one makes sense. It's a lot of golf, but it's not as if players don't know when it's going to be played!

4. Olympic problems: The WGC-St. Jude Invitational and 3M Open got flipped, possibly for the Olympics. This makes more sense. The WGC is now played two weeks before The Open, and the 3M is played the week before the Olympics. Perfect. Also, interestingly, the Rocket Mortgage Classic got moved to before the U.S. Open instead of after.

All in all, it's a good slate. Would I like to see contraction, fewer tournaments, better courses and more global golf? Of course, but I'm not hopeful, and we can save that for later on. For now, the PGA Tour has done the best they can with what they have and set up another exciting season of the best golf in the world.

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