The PGA of America has announced that the 2017 PGA Championship will remain at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina despite the HB2 bathroom bill that led the NBA to remove the 2017 All-Star Game from the city.

The PGA of America released a written statement on Thursday night explaining their decision to stay at Quail Hollow.

"The PGA of America strongly opposes North Carolina HB2. It contradicts our commitment to create an inclusive and welcoming environment at our events. We remain hopeful that the law will be changed." read the statement, via ESPN.

"Since the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte is a private facility not subject to all of the provisions of HB2, at the 2017 PGA Championship, we plan to allow spectators to use the restroom that conforms with their gender identity or gender expression," the statement said. "As we look to future events, our willingness to consider coming back to the State of North Carolina will be severely impacted unless HB2 is overturned."

The second part of the statement is key, noting that the 2017 PGA Championship will not be subject to the provisions of HB2 and that hosting future events in North Carolina will be impacted by whether the bill remains in place.