Phil Mickelson apologizes, says he's 'embarrassed and disappointed' by actions at U.S. Open

On Wednesday, Phil Mickelson apologized for hitting a still-moving putt at the 2018 U.S. Open in a text message to several reporters. Mickelson, who previously had defended his actions on the 13th green in Round 3 at Shinnecock Hills, noted that his frustration and anger boiled over and he more or less snapped.

"I know this should've come sooner, but it's taken me a few days to calm down," Mickelson wrote to reporters. "My anger and frustration got the best of me last weekend. I'm embarrassed and disappointed by my actions. It was clearly not my finest moment and I'm sorry."

It was certainly not his finest moment, but the contrition will likely turn the tide for many. Heck, a huge group of fans were rooting him on to begin with to stick it to the crooked USGA (or some variation of that).

Originally, Mickelson said that he'd thought before about putting a moving ball that was going off the green and just taking the two-stroke penalty. It became clear over time that this was not necessarily the case, and that Mickelson simply lost it in the moment (I think we've all been there as golfers).

"I don't mean disrespect to anybody," said Mickelson on Saturday after his round. "I know it's a two-shot penalty. At that time, I just didn't feel like going back and forth and hitting the same shot over. I took the two-shot penalty and moved on. It's my understanding of the rules. I've had multiple times where I've wanted to do that. I just finally did."

He was eventually cleared of disqualification as the USGA applied Rule 14-5, which states that you can hit a moving ball and receive a two-stroke penalty without disqualification, even if the rule may have been incorrectly applied

Mickelson's wife, Amy, said he offered to withdraw from the tournament.

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