Phil Mickelson is all in on the paleo diet

This guy is apparently getting very fit. (Getty Images)
This guy is apparently getting very fit. (Getty Images)

Phil Mickelson didn't win a tournament in the 2013-14 season, and it was the first time that happened since 2003.

As a result, it sounds like he's getting very serious about his fitness this winter.

"Phil’s basically following a paleo diet, which is gluten-free, no sugars and no processed foods," said Mickelson's trainer Sean Cochran.

"I think it’s how we were designed to eat. You have to wonder how a Twinkie can have a five year shelf life. That can’t be good for your performance."

You mean to tell me that Mickelson (this Mickelson!) is going all paleo on us? It's true -- all in the name of gaining ball speed and losing weight. Also (presumably) winning that US Open.

He's also been training and lifting a lot -- apparently over an hour a day. His training regimen reminds me a little of Tom Brady's, actually.

"Everyone has moves they like more than others, but Phil is a very smart guy," said Coachran. "As long as he knows why he’s doing a move, he’ll do it, even if it’s not his favorite."

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