The Tiger Woods arrest for DUI from Memorial Day is a story that will likely not go away any time soon. Woods was pulled over and booked at the end of May for what he said was a bad reaction to prescription medication. There was no alcohol in his system.

According to the police report from that arrest, Woods was taking four painkillers, presumably for his recently-operated-on back. What we didn't know until Friday is that Woods also told the officer that arrested him that he was taking Xanax, which is a drug prescribed for depression and anxiety.

Golf Channel requested some of the redacted information from the original arrest report and posted that on Friday.

Portions of the incident investigation report were originally redacted by the police department, which has since reissued an unredacted version following a public records request by Golf Channel. Among the previously redacted portions was a note from Officer Christopher Fandry, who interrogated Woods on the scene.

"I asked Woods if he had taken any medication to which he stated 'Xanax,'" Fandry wrote. Fandry reported that Woods told him once more during the field sobriety test that he had taken Xanax.

After arriving at the testing facility, Woods told officers that he was on four medications – Soloxex (sic), Torix (sic), Vioxx and Vicodin – but did not mention Xanax. 

There is certainly more to come on this story including a toxicology report, but this information is at least interesting and could explain why Woods, who was asleep at the wheel when he was found by cops, had such a poor reaction to the drugs.