President Obama reportedly takes up to six hours to play a round

The 6-hours-a-round-in-chief. (Getty Images)
The 6-hours-a-round-in-chief. (Getty Images)

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The slow play movement has a new spokesperson and he just happens to be the most powerful man in the free world.

According to this New York Times article President Barack Obama is not famous for getting around the course quickly.

"The extent of Mr. Obama’s love of golf has been on display during his winter vacation in Hawaii, where he has played seven out of his 12 days here, for as much as six hours at a time. On one outing, he played so slowly he could get in only 17 holes before it became too dark to continue."

Six hours?! My goodness.

"Mr. Obama is known for his slow, deliberative play.

"On the 18th hole at the Mid Pacific Country Club on Oahu last week, Mr. Obama crouched to survey his final shot, took several practice swings and then putted, with the ball stopping just short of the hole. By the time he had finished, roughly five hours had elapsed since his arrival. (The P.G.A. frowns on slow play, threatening penalties.)"

He's playing with a cart so this slow play business must mean one of three things. 

1. Obama and his crew are stopping for an hour-long lunch at the turn. Maybe longer.

2. Obama either isn't an 18 handicap (as he claims) or he's playing with people who are 40 handicaps.

3. He's "that guy" on the course who measures triple-bogey putts from every feasible angle.

Nobody likes playing with that guy.

The article is an interesting (non-critical) look at Obama's golf game, comparing him to other presidents who played and how quickly they got around the course. 

One thing I learned: Whenever the president finally invited me to play his foursome I shouldn't schedule anything else on that day.

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