Ranking the Masters concession stand items

The famed pimiento cheese sandwich at Augusta. (Getty Images)
The famed pimiento cheese sandwich at Augusta. (Getty Images)

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If you've ever been annoyed by someone who has actually made the trip to the Masters you've likely heard (for hours on end) about the incredible concession prices there. 

It's sort of true that they are incredible -- you can eat an extremely healthy amount for $20 -- but what about quality?

Throwing nutrition out the window (because...of course) here are the concessions at Augusta ranked from top to bottom on taste.

1. Pimiento cheese sandwich: It's overrated, sure, but only because it's rated higher than three-quarters of the five-star restaurants in New York City. I think eating three or more in a single sitting might cause immediate death but these babies are immense.

2. Sweet tea: The sweet tea-cookie combo is nearly unbeatable. One of my friends tried to smuggle a dozen cookies and about a gallon of tea out of the gates one time.

3. Egg salad sandwich: I don't recommend grabbing one after, say, 1 PM Eastern. Just throwing that out there.

4. Cookie: There might not be a better deal on the entire grounds than the $1 cookie.

5. Import beer: At $4 you might be be aghast compared to the other prices but the commemorative green cup with the year on it is worth it. Also, I'd spill which brand the import beer is but I don't want to get fired and you have Google.

6. Bar-B-Que sandwich: Not great, not bad. It's the only other sandwich I've had besides the pimiento and egg.

7. Domestic beer: You should pretty easily be able to figure out what brand it is even though there are no labels on the grounds.

Unranked: Georgia peach ice cream sandwich -- I presume this would be in my top three given the coordinates of this tournament and the delectable nature of your common peach ice cream sandwich but I can't rank it because I've never had one.

And for fun here are those prices I mentioned at the top:

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