Report: European Tour to experiment with shot clock at 2018 Austrian Open

The European Tour will reportedly implement a shot clock at the 2018 Austrian Open that will allow golfers 40 seconds to hit their shots. This idea was originally tested at the 2017 Golf Sixes on a single hole (where the U.S. team received a penalty!) and will be used more extensively in Austria next year.

The concept is that players will get one free pass (a yellow card) from a referee in their group, and then they will be given a one-stroke penalty for every violation thereafter. 

"We've discussed it and agreed it should take place," David Howell, a European Tour tournament committee member, told the Australian. "Among the committee, we think it's worthwhile trialling that week in those specific circumstances. The field is not the strongest so it can be shortened without doing anyone too much harm. That allows the opportunity to get around quickly, so that's why it is that week.

"It will be new to us all so we are interested to see if it works. It's worth trying because there is so much talk about slow play. But it's too labor intensive to do it at every tournament and I wouldn't want to see it become standard practice."

The European Tour seems keen on nipping slow play in the bud, although everyone is unsure of exactly how to do it. One Ryder Cup player (and European Tour member) noted that the sooner these kinds of efforts are introduced in Europe, "the better."

The Euro Tour has also been known for its experimentation, and I'm in favor of trying anything that will help speed up the game and make it more interesting. I have no idea if this will work, or if players will actually like it, but I certainly find it to be a worthwhile pursuit into the future.

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